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How far away from the International Airport are you?
We are just 14km away, or about a 35 minute drive.

How do I get here?
If you are in the city, we highly reccomend to arrange the pickup & drop-off service with us. You won't have to worry about getting here! If you are coming from Antigua or any other region, you can get dropped-off in the city and we will arrange pick-up for you.

What if I just want to take the day tour?
 Of course, this is possible; however, in order to do the tour we would need a minimum of 5 guests. We cannot guarantee if the minimums are not met.

Should I bring my own food?
 No need to worry about bringing, we have a full service restaurant.

I want to bring roasted coffee home, is it no problem in costums?
Not at all! We have gift boxes that include roasted coffee and coffee blossom honey that you can take with no problem to your family and friends.

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